Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blog Award!

Zomg I wasn't expecting this! Here I am, sitting at home, listening to some lovely Nine Inch Nails ("Reptile" to be exact, my favorite NIN song) and I get an email from Erica of Rikki Nails awarding me for my blog! Eee! Haha I'm having so much fun with this blog, and I'm glad other people are appreciating it too!

Okay okay, so I'm meant to post a few things and they are:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

So first and foremost, THANK YOU ERICA! I'm pleased as punch to receive this award, and it's no wonder that you received one too, you're awesome!

I'm quite random, so choosing only 7 things to share is going to take some careful deliberation:
1. I've worked at Bare Escentuals for nearing 5 years and was recently re-promoted to keyholder. I say "re-promoted" because two years ago I was promoted the first time to keyholder but had to step down due to scheduling restraints as I was attending school at the same time. But now I love what I'm doing and hope to move forward through the company, possibly in product development or education.

2. I am pretty good at doing accents. I can do a really awesome British accent, a decent New York and southern accent and an Irish accent that could use some work.

3. My top favorite bands: Nine Inch Nails, Glassjaw, Coheed and Cambria, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fall Out Boy and Deftones. I love 90's grunge/alternative, hardcore, and punk, but I also love something good to dance to like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry and other stuff like that.

4. My favorite magazine to read is Allure. They always have the best hair and makeup tips fresh from the runway, which is always my cup of tea since I don't care about fashion as much as I care about eye shadow.

5. I have two kittehs named Lincecum (boy) and Posey (girl). You should know by now that I have a healthy love for the San Francisco Giants baseball team so we named our cats after Tim Lincecum and Buster Posey.

6. I love beer! Any kind! I love Guinness!!! And Blue Moon and Stella Artois, but I'm not above drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon :D

7. My birthday is October 5th and I'm a Libra! That means I'm very sensitive, I can't make decisions and I hate confrontations but I'm very lovable! Oh and I was born in the year of the tiger! And I have the same birthday as Kate Winslet and Guy Pearce!

Okay now that you know random useless crap about me, let's take a look at some other cool blogs!

Ali's Nail News - I love Ali's pictures and the way she layers her colors, she's so creative!
AllYouDesire - Beautiful nails and great comparisons!
Chelli Clam Melon - Chelly LITERALLY has the best tutorials for makeup I have seen!
Dee-Vious Beauty - Dee always has beautiful makeup looks and fun hair!
Hebridean Sprite Beauty - Really informative with lots of pictures and swatches!
My Own Kind Of Girly - Melissa always has a humorous post to read and she's such a lovely person!
The Dark Side Of Beauty - I love all the interesting makeup Yami has and the swatches she shows!

And finally, this isn't part of it, but I thought it would be nice to spruce up my blog a little! Wheee look at the nice polka dots and cherries! If you want a fun layout, I got mine at The Cutest Blog on the Block and I love it!

Well dearies, I'll post something after I tag my fellow bloggers with their awards! Yay everyone!



  1. Congrats!~ I know what you mean, starting up a blog is so interesting and fun!
    And thanks you so much for the award! I really appreciate it :D

  2. No problem! I love yours, you have so many interesting and fun colors! I need to catch up to you XD

  3. Thanks so much for the award! It may take me a few days to post, but I really appreciate it! :D *hugs*

  4. What a well deserved award for you...always love your blog! You are too sweet to extend the honor to me!

  5. Oh not at all! I love your EOTD and nail swatches! I still have a long way to go.


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