Monday, March 7, 2011

CVS Haul

Hey all, quick update. This is a nice little haul I got a couple weeks ago. I've been trying to swatch my green polish collection, and I really didn't think I had that much green in my collection, but jeez was I wrong. Slow going which is fine since St. Patty's is next week. Anyhoos, here's what I got:

Top row, left to right: Confetti Dressed To The 9's, Papa-Razzi, Conga Line, Happy Birthday!, Purple Parade, Belle Of The Ball, Party Hearty, Tiara; Orly Out Of This World.
Bottom tow, left to right: 10 Professional Nail Lacquer Creamcicle, Moonlight; Essie Mochacino, Trophy Wife, Beach Bum Blu, Coat Azure, Turquoise & Caicos.

I am the MOST excited for the Essie colors I picked up! At the Pure Beauty in my mall, they have the standard boring Essie pale pinks, so I was so happy to find some of the "out there" colors! Also, I can't wait to try that Creamcicle (even though they misspelled it...) because I'm hoping it looks like RBL Starfish Patrick!!!! And the Orly color I had seen at another CVS near the bf's house and I've wanted it ever since, and it happened to be at the CVS near me! So yay!

So I'm a huge dork and I'm watching Bare Minerals on QVC right now... it's inspiring me to do a review on the new skincare... haha be right back!


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