Friday, February 25, 2011

Start of Spring Training!!!!!

GRRR can't sleep because my stupid tooth hurts really badly... So here's another update.

First of all, can we just talk about the love of my life for a second here? After all, today is the start of Spring Training!!!!!!! If you didn't know already, I freakin love baseball, and my team, the San Francisco Giants, are the reigning World Champs. God that feels good to say that. And here's the love of my life, the Freak, Tim Lincecum:

Yep, don't even worry about it, we're getting married. This is Tim warming up during a training session. Pretty amazing, if you ask me. GAH I am such a sucker for guys with long hair. Long hair? Yes please. The bf used to have long hair... key word "used" to. Ugggghhhh.

Mmmmm hair and arms and yesssss...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh suuuupppp ponytail?????? Hells yeah, hot damn.

Look at these studs!

Mark De Rosa, Timmy, and Pat Burrell. GREAT smile <3

Next, I suppose nowadays you can't even mention the Giants without mentioning the Beard.

Yes, I speak of the one and only, Brian Wilson. That beard is insanity. And he's only like the funniest guy in sports.

I mean, come on! Really?! You're so awesome. I can't even stand it.

Seriously, once you get past the fact that his beard is ridiculous and awesome all at the same time, how would you feel if this beast were hurling a fast ball at your skull at 99 MPH?! He looks like he'd rip your heart out and eat it! But then he'd say something hilarious and witty and you'd forget that you just blew the World Series... thanks Nelson Cruz... :)

Hey whoa don't forget the work horse, Matty Baseball!! I mean, Matt Cain:

Look at these winners! Love them. I love Matt's hair... it's so curly. GAH we have such an awesome team. And look at that! Never will that be taken away from us, we will forever be the World Champs of 2010!! Here's hoping for a repeat awesome year!!!!

Okay, enough dorking out... hehe :)

~Pinupcherrybaseball (LOL)

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