Friday, February 25, 2011

OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover Review

By the way, I used to think nail polish removers were all the same. Why buy the pricier ones when I can get the cheaper version from CVS? Oh yeah, that's right, cuz the cheaper ones suck. No joke. At one point in my nail polish life I thought "Hmm, there must be a reason why OPI makes their own nail polish remover..." and it must not be just because they can make more money off of me. It must be because it works well with their product, as with any brand. But this remover works well with ALL brands, at least from my experience.

So without further ado, here's OPI Expert Touch:

A regular bottle that you would find at any beauty supply store is 120 mL or 4 Fl. oz and at Peninsula Beauty (where I usually get mine since Pure Beauty is almost always sold out) it costs me $5.99. Eeep. Oh well, if it does the job. I think at Beauty Land or whatever its called, the same size is $4.98 or something, so only a dollar savings. I don't mind paying more for nail polish remover, however, if it removes everything. In fact, at Pure Beauty I saw a huge gallon or something of this stuff for $25!! If I wasn't on a budget I would have got it. I still might, maybe if I see something like it at Sally's (which I need to visit by the way...). 

My point is: When I was swatching those old Sinful polishes, I tried using a generic nail polish remover to save some of my OPI remover for when I really need it. I ended up using it anyway to clean up what the other remover failed to take off. I LOVE THIS STUFF. End of story.


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