Friday, February 25, 2011

Old Sinful Colors Swatches

Just starting by brand with the old polishes I got, and now here's some really old Sinful Colors, in the old bottle and everything! I'm not sure they even make these colors anymore!

Fuchsia Purple
I remember wearing this all the time! See the nice dent in the polish? Yup, good times. I'm probably not going to keep it though, the formula was thin plus it's not very unique.

Surf N' Blue
Wtf is that name? Anyway, I remember this one too! But it's so disappointing seeing it again and getting really excited about the purple shimmer in the bottle but then seeing it on the nail and it just looks blue... boring. I dunno, I might keep it, but I have a lot of other cool blues with hidden purple shimmer that you can actually see.

Fire Red
An old staple of mine. There's a hidden golden shimmer that doesn't really translate onto the nail, so I'll probably ditch this one too.

Pacific Ocean.
Don't be fooled by this one. It's gorgeous on the nail! But it's sheer as all hell. I glooped it on just to see how it would look if it were opaque, and it looks all swirly like water! I'm on the fence about this one. It's definitely unique (at least I don't have anything similar) and it looks great if I put like 17 layers of it, but it's sheer and it's old and as you can see from the bottle, it's collecting in some places and it needs thinner. We'll see about this one.

Australian Peach.
Now this one I am DEFINITELY keeping! It's so weird!! It doesn't look as orange and mustardy on the nail but it does have those tones. OMG I can't believe my luck with this one! It's so gorgeous!!!

Bloody Mary.
I have a feeling I may have bought this only for it's name. Haha. I love that story... you know, stand in front of the mirror at midnight with only a candle lit and say "Bloody Mary" three times or whatever... and she's supposed to appear or I dunno... haha I think that's why I loved "The Ring" so much... breaking that fourth wall... ANYWAYS I digress. This one was awful to work with. Very thick and gloopy, plus the color isn't that interesting... still I may work with it to make it cooler and worthy of the name "Bloody Mary".

Well, those are the old Sinfuls. I had another one, Dream On, but I have that in the new version so I didn't need to swatch it again, especially since the old one is all dried up and gloopy. We'll see what happens with these, but I definitely am in love with Australian Peach! Now time to slap some green on. :)


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