Friday, February 25, 2011

Ginormous Nail Polish "Inheritance"??

Well, I dunno what else to call it because I didn't buy any of these (at least not recently). I walked into my room today to find a fantastic little Garfield lunch bag thingie and right away I knew I recognized it and sure enough, it was filled with old nail polish!!!!! My mom is moving and my sister is moving in with me, so I'm sure they're finding a plethora of old, stinky nail polish for me!!! Hehe! Anyhoos, most of these I'll probably be getting rid of, but some I may have to get over their terrible stench and use every once in a while because these colors are ridonkulous!!!!

Top row, left to right: Sinful Colors Fuchsia Purple, Surf N' Blue, Fire Red, Pacific Ocean, Australian Peach, Bloody Mary. Essie Burma Ruby. Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Amber Ruby, Ruby Sapphire, Garnet Lapis, Purple Diamond.
Bottom row, left to right: Hot Topic Red Star Polish (this one actually doesn't have a label, but based on how this next is named, I just went with it), Blue Star Polish. Creative Nail Design Plum Puckered Out, Cuppa Joe. Le CHAT Purple Passion. NYC #107A. Jessica no label. Sally Hansen no label.

Top row, left to right: OPI Do You Lilac It?, At Your Quebec And Call, Cozu-Melted In The Sun, ChicaGo Get A Manicure!, Nantucket Mist, Melon Of Troy, Red Hot Ayers Rock, Romeo And Joliet. L'oreal Bijou Gems B. Vibrant. Sinful Colors Dream On. Revlon Color Stay Forever Scarlet. Forever 21 Love & Beauty Currant, Purple. Hot Topic no labels.
Middle row, left to right: Cover Girl Nail Slicks Winelighting. Cover Girl Continuous Color Gold-Mine, Classic Red. Sally Hansen no label. Revlon Valentine, Lily Chrome, Cherry Crush, Revlon Red, Cherries In The Snow, Enchanted Cherry, Va Va Va Bloom, Tidal Wave, Mystical.
Bottom row, left to right: Maybelline Cherry Carats, Cherry On, Pink Splash, Twinkling Turquoise, Spiced Cider.

Were you possibly sensing a theme with that last picture?? Haha a lot of the red/pink colors have the word "cherry" in them. If you didn't know, I LOVE cherries. I even have them tattooed on me! Ahaha. Anyways, I'd wager a guess that most of the colors in the first picture are from my mom since she used to go to this one lady to get her nails done, Pat, and Pat would always let me take home some of the older colors or colors I really liked. The second picture contains colors that I probably purchased from 6th, 7th and/or 8th grade through high school. When going through my awesome punk phase, I stuck with mainly red and black nails, hence all the red nail polish.

I'm going to try swatching all these so if I get rid of most of them, at least I'll have a nice picture to remind me of the boring shade and it's lovely stench.

I'm also planning on swatching all of my green shades so you'll all have some nice green nails to look at just in time for St. Patty's! YAY GUINNESS lol. I know it's still February but eh... since getting back into nail polish I seem to be getting really excited for any national holiday for a chance to get creative on my nails!


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  1. So awesome the nail fairy stopped by!! It's like Christmas all over againg!!

    I can't wait to see the swatches!!

    I am a blog newbie, but you should follow me, I think we may have some polish love in common!


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