Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sinful Colors Swatches and Reviews

I'm still pretty sure I'm alone here (I mean, come on, not even any of my friends or family are following me here?! I need to kick their butts and make them follow me, those jerks.) so I'm just gonna say it: the original Japanese Iron Chef is ridiculously hilarious and I LOVE IT! The English voice overs for the Japanese people on the show are so exaggerated and silly, it's impossible not to laugh at them! Ahh thank you Cooking Channel for showing these episodes, I can't get enough.

Anyhoo, on to some posting. Posting, posting, posting, for all you wonderful people out there in my head. Hehe. Still going with some more nail stuff. Today we have my collection of Sinful Colors nail colors. I love Sinful. I remember the old Sinful bottles and getting them at the Walgreens near my elementary school. I also remember while my mom was playing softball, her teams colors were grey and navy, and she always wore Sinful Colors Midnight Blue on her toes. Memories, sigh. I should find a bottle of Midnight Blue. Well, time to stop reminiscing and start posting pictures!

 Mercury Rising. Kind of a red-brown shimmer, maybe more burgundy in person. Whatever you call it, it's gorgeous and very fall. This 2 coats with base coat and no top coat, very opaque and shiny.

Dream On. This is a bright hot pink/fuchsia cream/matte. I included two pictures because this color dries oddly matte. So this is before I applied top coat. You can see it's kind of a satin matte and it's also kind of streaky. It seemed to darken as it dried, so I used 3 coats and a base coat.

 Dream On with top coat. Now the color is a little bit brighter and obviously shinier. The streaks that seemed more apparent before top coat have smoothed out. I would most likely always wear top coat with this color, not only because it looks prettier but also because I'm not a huge fan of that matte look, at least on my nails.

Cloud 9. This is a nice tangerine orange with shimmer. This is a great layering color! But on its own its just as nice. When I layered it over an orange cream color, it made the color brighter and more opaque and gave it a shimmer finish which looked gorgeous! I think I prefer it this way. This was 4 coats with base coat and no top coat, and there was slight VNL but maybe not so much in person?

Let's Meet. Here we have a bright, primary yellow with shimmer. I love yellow shimmers! This is really pretty, but as there is slight VNL it may work better for layering. I can't try it yet as I don't have a yellow cream yet, but I'll be sure to try it once I get a different yellow. I started with 2 coats, then waited before applying another coat, then waited before applying the last coat, so 4 coats in all with base coat.

 Mint Apple. I love this mint shade! It has a nice shimmer which is always appreciated, although it was a bit streaky when applying, but it evened out as it dried. I applied 2 coats and waited before I applied one last coat, so 3 coats in all with base coat and no top coat.

 Bamboo. I don't quite get this name since bamboo isn't really teal... but that's besides the point because this color is stunning. It looks a lot brighter because of the flash, it's definitely a bit deeper, but not dark, if that makes sense. It's that weird satin matte finish again, so this first picture is without top coat, but with base coat and 3 coats.

 Bamboo with top coat makes the shimmer in the color stand out better, and it really does make the color look so much more beautiful. I don't know what it is, but I'm just not a matte nail polish fan!

San Francisco. Okay, I may have only purchased this color for its name, but I do love this evergreen color! And it is more of an evergreen rather than emerald green as it looks in the photo. I used 3 coats with base coat and no top coat, but looking at it from here it looks like I could have done another coat. Either way, it sure is pretty!

 Here is a blurry shot of San Francisco so you can see the color better. You can see more of the shimmer colors which look more like primary green and even yellow/gold, so it's definitely warm as opposed to cool.

 Call You Later. A glitter with large green hexagon pieces, medium green round pieces and small gold round pieces. I love this on its own even though you can still see my nail and nail line, but I bet it would look lovely layered over red for the holidays! This removed easily enough but it left a lot of the little glitter pieces on my fingers and under my nails. This was 3 coats.

 I included just another one of Call You Later to show how gold it can look. Lovely!

 See You Soon. Oh well hello there, mysterious and lovely blackened blue. This color is knock-your-socks-off gorgeous! I love it! Not much more I can say... especially since I'm beginning to drool... This was 2 coats, although I could have gotten away with just 1, it was so nicely opaque!

 I just had to include more pictures of See You Soon! You can see more of the blue in this picture.

 And here's a nice blurry image of See You Soon so you can really see that beautiful blue shimmer!

 I Love You. This is a nice grape jelly shimmer. It looks sheer in the pictures, maybe because of the flash, but it actually looks more opaque in person. I love this kind of purple, although truthfully I love any purple. This was 3 coats, base coat and no top coat.

 Daddy's Girl. I love this name, because I guess I see myself as a daddy's girl, I lurve my papa! Anyway, this color is a deeper grape color than I Love You, and it has a touch more red. It's the same as I Love You though in terms of opacity; it looks more opaque in person, yet in the photo you can see my nail line. This was 3 coats, base coat and no top coat.

Well that's all I have for Sinful Colors for right now, but I'm sure I'll try to find more fun colors soon, after all they're very accessible and only $1.99! So good night folks! Be back tomorrow with more stuff, never you fear!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sephora by OPI Swatches and Reviews

Aaagghhhh more posting! I have lots more to do, but this will probably be my last before bed! This post will include some of the Sephora by OPI polish colors that I picked up. Love these colors and love that I get points when I shop at Sephora! Remind me to go back soon to check out the holiday colors!

Call Your Mother. This was the most recent color I had on and I love it! I received so many compliments and it looks just so chic and trendy. I used 2 coats, with base coat and no top coat, and where I could have used 3 coats, the color seemed to get darker with each coat plus it was already pretty opaque. I can't remember how long this color lasted, but it was actually quite chip resistant.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Swatches, Reviews and Comparison

It's been forever because my laptop is being held hostage at the bf's house and I barely ever get a chance to update. So finally I get to do so!

In this post I am showing the colors I received from the recent Rescue Beauty Lounge sale. On first glance they look very professional in their little boxes.

And their bottles are so chic and very unique. I also love the block lettering across the bottle. Again, very chic and also really simplistic. I guess I like minimalism?

So on to the colors I got. I do believe I already mentioned which colors I ordered, but I will refresh your memory. I got No More War, Squarepants and Scrangie. So of course I swatched them and reviewed them, but for No More War I also did a comparison, not because I thought I had a dupe but I just wanted to see the difference between that and MAC's Dry Martini. Now on to the photos!

Monday, November 1, 2010

World Champions!

The San Francisco Giants are the 2010 World Champions! I always had faith in my boys, I knew they could do it! And now they're bringing home the bacon for the first time in 52 years and for the first time in San Francisco! Hell yeah! GO GIANTS!



This is the happiest day of my life :D


Halloween Makeup Day Two: 10/30/10

Hello once again,

Now it's the grand finale, the real, original makeup/costume look. This was something that again I just threw together, but I had more time to prepare. I mean I threw it together because it just sort of popped into my head. I didn't really have an idea of what I wanted to be for Halloween, but I did know that I just wanted to put on a crapload of makeup and just do something really extreme and something I've never done before, something out of the ordinary. My friend Emma suggested that I should be a bird, like a parrot or something colorful. I thought that was a great idea, so I started looking online at photos of "bird makeup" to get inspired. I saw a few that I liked, mostly involving greens and purples for some reason. Then I saw one of a girl who I supposed was meant to be a phoenix. Her eyes were greenish gold and red and with little hints of black; her false lashes would have been plain if it were not for the wispy red feathers protruding from the ends; her lips were red with bits of gold leaf on them (not to mention the snakebite piercings on her lips, hot!!); it also looked like there was some sort of fishnet detail on some parts of her face; and her entire face was surrounded by red feathers, probably a boa or something. But as soon as I saw this photo, I knew I wanted to be a phoenix and really challenge myself to do something crazy and different. See how I did...

Halloween Makeup Day One: 10/29/10

Hello again,

Here we have my first makeup look for a costume I literally threw together. My good friend and co-worker Emma invited me out to a local bar after work for pre-Halloween festivities including a costume contest. I didn't care so much about that, but I did want to come up with a impromptu second costume because I didn't want to wear my first, original costume just yet. Why? I have no idea, but I think this was the first time I had ever done two different costumes for Halloween! Weird! Anyway, this first, but really second costume/makeup idea just popped into my head by a happy accident. I was watching tv, trying to figure out another costume idea, when I think it was a Wal-mart or K-Mart commercial came on, and I saw a little girl dressed as a princess or a doll or something of that nature. That got my brain working and I immediately looked online at pictures of "doll makeup" to get inspired and I knew this would be easy to pull off considering I had mere hours to come up with something without going out to a Halloween store and just picking out a ridiculously expensive yet inexpensively made costume. And I think the final result was really cute! Check it out!

Prelude to a Real Post on Makeup

Hello loves,

I'd just like it to be known that I feel like absolute crap today. The gardeners outside are making quite the ruckus ("Could you describe the ruckus, sir?") and I've been awake for the past three hours. I have no inkling why. Perhaps it's because that since I feel like crap, I couldn't sleep comfortably. Whatever the reason, after I post this I plan on trying to sleep again. Here's hoping.

Anyway, there's good news! I just completed my first purchase with Rescue Beauty Lounge! I've been lurking on many other blogs for quite some time and have always been in love with RBL's No More War, so I finally got it today, thanks in part to the sale happening now! Others I purchased were Square Pants (been looking for a good yellow) and Scrangie (been pining for that one too). Unfortunately I was unable to get other colors I've been wanting, as they were sold out. Oh well, next paycheck will have to feel the wrath of that $18 price tag. Ones I missed out on: Black Russian, Chinoise, and 360. Grunge wasn't even on the page so I'll have to look elsewhere for that, and of course the Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty will have to wait as well. For some reason I feel like I am missing out on a golden opportunity by not picking up more colors, but honestly a lot of the other colors didn't appeal to me as much or I felt like I could just settle for cheaper versions (not dupes) of certain colors because even at 50% off, it still doesn't make sense to me. Even though I've read about other bloggers who love the formula, perhaps since I have not experienced them first hand, I am not aware of their glory yet. Perhaps I will be changing my tune very shorty.

The next bit of good news involves the loves of my life, the San Francisco Giants. They play Game 5 in the World Series tonight, and if they win this game, that's it. It's all over. They win big time, the whole shebang, the whole ball of wax, the whole enchilada! Enough about lessons in idioms, can you tell I'm excited?! And I thought I had to work today, so I was fully planning on calling in sick, but alas, I don't have work today! Yet I really am sick. Damn you, karma!

So now that I've given an update on my life (not like anyone cares) I can move forward and post something more important. Be right back!