Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sephora by OPI Swatches and Reviews

Aaagghhhh more posting! I have lots more to do, but this will probably be my last before bed! This post will include some of the Sephora by OPI polish colors that I picked up. Love these colors and love that I get points when I shop at Sephora! Remind me to go back soon to check out the holiday colors!

Call Your Mother. This was the most recent color I had on and I love it! I received so many compliments and it looks just so chic and trendy. I used 2 coats, with base coat and no top coat, and where I could have used 3 coats, the color seemed to get darker with each coat plus it was already pretty opaque. I can't remember how long this color lasted, but it was actually quite chip resistant.

 Metro Chic. I actually bought this color back in summer but obviously I haven't put it on until now. It's that nice grey/taupe/putty color that everyone loves, and it's my first one! I'll probably get more since this color is so interesting and chic. Anyway, this was 3 coats with base coat and no top coat, so it was really nicely opaque and shiny.

 Leaf Him at the Altar. Soooo I have been on the fence about this color. I wasn't sure about it, and the last time I was at Sephora I just picked it up on a whim. I think I like it, I think I just need to actually wear it for more than five seconds. It is rather frosty, but maybe that's the flash? Again, I should probably wear it in real life. This was 3 coats with base coat and no top coat.

 How Cute is That? I also got this baby on a whim on my last visit to Sephora. It's a beautiful color and even though I was hoping for more pink on the nail like it looks in the bottle, the peach color that comes across is gorgeous as well. It also almost looks duochrome with the flash of gold on the nail. Perhaps you can't see it in the photo, but in person it's sooo pretty! This was 4 coats with base coat and no top coat, and while it was quite opaque, it was also kind of streaky, but that seemed to even out when it dried.

 Just a Little Dangerous. This was the first color I ever tried on and at first I didn't like it as much because I thought it just looked too dark, but since then I've tried it on a couple different times and I've received a lot of compliments on this color and I do love purple! This was 2 coats with base coat and no top coat, so it was quite opaque and nicely shiny.

 I blurred this picture a bit so you can see the little pink shimmers. This color isn't purple with pink glitter or even duochrome, it just happens to have this pretty shimmer to it.

Meet For Drinks. Here's my favorite color out of them all. This looks so fall to me. I love burgundy and magenta, and this seems to be a nice marriage of the two colors without looking too "mature". This might be my next manicure color. I love it! This was 3 coats with base coat and no top coat, beautifully opaque and so gorgeously shiny!

So that's all for me today! Hope you like all the pictures, hopefully there will be more of my makeup coming up soon! But I still definitely have some more nail swatches and random makeup newness. So stay tuned!


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