Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge Swatches, Reviews and Comparison

It's been forever because my laptop is being held hostage at the bf's house and I barely ever get a chance to update. So finally I get to do so!

In this post I am showing the colors I received from the recent Rescue Beauty Lounge sale. On first glance they look very professional in their little boxes.

And their bottles are so chic and very unique. I also love the block lettering across the bottle. Again, very chic and also really simplistic. I guess I like minimalism?

So on to the colors I got. I do believe I already mentioned which colors I ordered, but I will refresh your memory. I got No More War, Squarepants and Scrangie. So of course I swatched them and reviewed them, but for No More War I also did a comparison, not because I thought I had a dupe but I just wanted to see the difference between that and MAC's Dry Martini. Now on to the photos!

 No More War. I was eyeing this one for a while and I was happy to get it for 50% off! It's so weird and ugly but I think it's chic and trendy. The whole military trend is going on right now, so I'm all about this color. This was 2 coats with base coat and no top coat, so it was nicely opaque and very shiny.

 And just for kicks, I wanted to compare this color to some other olive/khaki green colors. We have from left to right: OPI At Your Quebec & Call, RBL No More War, and MAC Dry Martini.

 Obviously these three colors are very different, not that I was looking for a dupe, but I just wanted to see what makes them different. At Your Quebec & Call of course has shimmer, but it's very close in color. And Dry Martini is much more brown and darker than No More War.

 Squarepants. This is only my second yellow. For some reason, I'm really picky with yellows, so I'm going to pick and choose wisely, and I believe this to be a good choice. It's obviously really sheer, but it has the tiniest bit of shimmer to it which I love. Even though I waited between coats to apply the polish, I saw two miniscule bubbles, one on my pointer nail and one on my ring nail. With more coats over these bubbles they seemed to be disguised so no biggie? It's a wee bit patchy and there's slight VNL but perhaps in person they're not so obvious. This was 4 coats with base coat and no top coat, so it's nice and shiny. I keep looking at the picture and I love how my nails look! Hot!

 Scrangie. I currently have this color on! I love it! Three days later I only have tip-wear and some chips that I caused because evidently working at Bare Escentuals is strenuous!? Anyhoo, when I first applied this color, I only applied 2 coats because it looked pretty opaque to me. I took pictures, okay, done. Then I started looking at it more... and I decided that I wanted just one more coat. It looked fine with 2 coats, but 3 coats looked way better somehow. So these pictures are 3 coats, base coat and no top coat, and it actually dried fairly quickly and looks super shiny. Love!

I blurred this picture a bit so you can see the blue flash better. So shiny and sparkly!

So that was what I got from Rescue Beauty Lounge. For my first purchase, I'm pretty happy. Yet I kept hearing about how great their formula is. Maybe I'm a nail polish noob or maybe I don't apply my nail polish correctly (although I highly doubt that) but those little bubbles I got when applying Squarepants were perplexing, and the formula for the others wasn't blow-my-socks-off amazing, it was basically expensive nail polish! That being said, I definitely will be getting the Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty because those colors are to die for. I probably will die since those babies are $18 a pop, but I just got paid for volleyball so I might as well splurge.

Well, I have a crapload more to post, so stay tuned!


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