Monday, November 1, 2010

Prelude to a Real Post on Makeup

Hello loves,

I'd just like it to be known that I feel like absolute crap today. The gardeners outside are making quite the ruckus ("Could you describe the ruckus, sir?") and I've been awake for the past three hours. I have no inkling why. Perhaps it's because that since I feel like crap, I couldn't sleep comfortably. Whatever the reason, after I post this I plan on trying to sleep again. Here's hoping.

Anyway, there's good news! I just completed my first purchase with Rescue Beauty Lounge! I've been lurking on many other blogs for quite some time and have always been in love with RBL's No More War, so I finally got it today, thanks in part to the sale happening now! Others I purchased were Square Pants (been looking for a good yellow) and Scrangie (been pining for that one too). Unfortunately I was unable to get other colors I've been wanting, as they were sold out. Oh well, next paycheck will have to feel the wrath of that $18 price tag. Ones I missed out on: Black Russian, Chinoise, and 360. Grunge wasn't even on the page so I'll have to look elsewhere for that, and of course the Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty will have to wait as well. For some reason I feel like I am missing out on a golden opportunity by not picking up more colors, but honestly a lot of the other colors didn't appeal to me as much or I felt like I could just settle for cheaper versions (not dupes) of certain colors because even at 50% off, it still doesn't make sense to me. Even though I've read about other bloggers who love the formula, perhaps since I have not experienced them first hand, I am not aware of their glory yet. Perhaps I will be changing my tune very shorty.

The next bit of good news involves the loves of my life, the San Francisco Giants. They play Game 5 in the World Series tonight, and if they win this game, that's it. It's all over. They win big time, the whole shebang, the whole ball of wax, the whole enchilada! Enough about lessons in idioms, can you tell I'm excited?! And I thought I had to work today, so I was fully planning on calling in sick, but alas, I don't have work today! Yet I really am sick. Damn you, karma!

So now that I've given an update on my life (not like anyone cares) I can move forward and post something more important. Be right back!


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