Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Bare Minerals Enlightened Eyeshadow and High Shine Eyecolors Swatches and Review

It's Thursday night!!! Almost payday! That means I can get more nail polish! No wait, I can get some of MAC's new collection!! Ooh that will be fun!!!


ZOMG the Giants only need to win one more game and we go to the World Ser-- NO I can't even say it!!! I don't want to jinx it... so instead we'll take about some newness!!

Perhaps we are familiar with Bare Minerals eyeshadows. To give you a reminder, here is a new color called Enlightened. This is one of the BE Cares philanthropy colors, meaning 100% of the proceeds are donated to a specific organization, this time going to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). It retails for $13.

 These eyeshadows are in the pot with a sifter on top allowing the shadow to come through four tiny holes.

Enlightened is described as a "gold sunset" which is very accurate! It has such a gorgeous gold glow but it's not too yellow or bright, it's very neutral and would work well for anyone and any look you're trying to accomplish.

Now we'll take a look at the new High Shine Eyecolors. They are still loose powder, but now they are in a tube with a convenient sponge-tip wand on the handle. Also, as the name implies, these pigments are much shinier than normal. If you are familiar with Bare Minerals eyeshadows, then you might know that you can use water with the more shimmery colors to have a shinier, "foiled" look on the eye. These High Shines are basically that look without the water. There are six basic colors, and I do believe these will be permanent in the line so there should be more colors at some point. These retail for $16.

 Bronzed is described as bronze brown. Love this one!

As you can see, there is a handy sponge applicator for easy, quick application, even on the go.

 Look how shiny!! Beautiful color... you can achieve so many different looks with this color, from natural to smoky.

Glisten. For some reason, I always want to call this "Gilded". Weird. Well, this is described as"golden sand." Maybe that's why it looks so dirty when it's on the eye... hmm...

Glisten kiiiinda looks pretty, but then it kiiiiinda looks like dirt?! On my eyes, maybe it looks better... I'll post pictures eventually!

Frost. Whoo! This color is great! It's described as plain ole "silver". And that's what it is, it doesn't need much more description than that.



 Frost is sooooo gorgeous!! I can envision myself wearing this for Christmas and especially New Years Eve! Not to mention this is really the only true silver that BE has released in such a long time!

Patina is described as "golden khaki", which is close if you don't know what "patina" actually means. The dictionary says "green film on old bronze." And if you look up pictures on Google you will see this color! It's my favorite color of all of these!!



 So gorgeous, you can't even really tell online in pictures. I'll show a few looks I've done with this color so hopefully it shows the color better.

 Moonshine is described as "deep plum" which is a HUGE misconception!! I wish this color looked like the color on the box, because then the description might be somewhat accurate. It's still really pretty, but just not as impressive and does not match the color on the box at all.
 It looks so pink for a "deep plum" color. Uggghhh I wish it were that beautiful plum color!! Again, it's still pretty, so later I'll show how it looks on the eye.

Lastly there is Electric which is described as "deep teal" which is right on the money! I loooove this color! It's so vibrant and shiny and lovely!

So there you have the newest invention in Bare Minerals Eyecolors. I like the applicator, I actually just swipe a little of the color on my lid and if it isn't all over my lid or if it's kind of messy I just take a tiny brush and keep pulling the color to cover the entire lid. I'd be very interested to see if new colors will be coming out after these. Perhaps they'll come out seasonally? Who knows, I just hope we get more vibrant colors!


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