Monday, October 18, 2010

New Bare Minerals Buxom Babes: Rock Stars Swatches and Review

Whoo, tiring day!

I've been trying to post these forever and my internet kept crashing! Agg! Not like anyone is reading this yet, but at least it gives me something to do.

So today I am showing the new Buxom Babes kit from Bare Minerals. It is called Rock Stars, so it's rock star themed (or at least the box is) and since these are the Babes, these are the smaller size. They retail for $28 so they're a great deal, especially if you're a collector, like me! The only drawback is if you like a particular color, it isn't sold separately, although you could probably find a duplicate, especially for this kit. Three of the colors are new, while one, Gabby can be found separately.

*A note about the artist of the Buxom Babes: Neryl Walker creates each individual Buxom girl, and needless to say, they're all adorable! I even have some picked out for tattoo ideas! Perhaps I'll post them someday...



"Pour some sparkle on me." Hehe :)

This is Buxom girl Tonya. So cute! I'd rock that look harrrd!!

This here is Julie, but I always want to call her Joan... as in Jett? I think that would be more fitting, but whatever, she's still cute :)

 This is Blanche. Blanche!!!! Ack I love that name!!! But this Buxom gal kinda reminds me of Shakira for some reason?? Haha, like a punkier version.

 And finally there's Gabby. I think this is how Gabby looked before her "rock star" makeover, they just added a microphone instead of the little whip she had, and she also had a little top hat thing on her head.

Gabby. Described as a "grapewine shimmer", I think it's a little too dark or too frosty purple for my skin tone. I absolutely hate this color on me, but it always seems to work on everyone else.

 Tonya. Described as "electric pink", which may be exaggerating a little bit, but it is definitely gorgeous! It reminds me of strawberry lemonade!

Julie. Described as "tulip pink", this is a very beautiful, delicate soft pink shade.
 Blanche. Described as "shimmering nude." Yep. That's about what it is.






 Tonya. Whoo look at that pink!



Gabby. See, tooooo dark!

Tonya. Now that's hot!

 Julie. Very soft, good for a natural look. It's hard to tell it's even pink, but I have a lot of pink in my lips already.

 Blanche. Didn't I just see this color?! Oh never mind, I guess it is slightly different... :/

All in all, this is a great kit for collectors, gift-giving, or if you are looking for something with variety from natural to dramatic. I personally need to own every color of Buxom for some reason, plus I love the box. And it's only $28!!! Get this for a gift for your friends, your mother, sisters, nieces, goddaughters, any girl who has lips and loves gloss!

See you next time!


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