Thursday, October 7, 2010

Black and Orange Manicures

Yay playoffs!!

Perhaps you noticed that my baseball team, the San Francisco Giants, are in the playoffs. So to celebrate and show my support and pride, I did a few nifty manicures. I tried something new for this: Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in black. I figured I could make a nice straight line with it and maybe draw a SF insignia? That didn't happen, but the line did appear very straight and flawless! Overall I liked it, but it kind of just reminded me of using a Sharpie? And you're supposed to put a top coat over it once you're done to protect it (otherwise it washes off with water, which is great if you mess up) but it still wore off a couple days later. It may have been because it was just on my tips and I didn't wrap my nails, but we'll see next time. So anyway, here are the manicures! **Don't forget to click pictures for larger detail!!!!!

So I started out with Flit A Bit by OPI. I love a good orange, and this is my favorite! The Giants' orange is typically a bit more red-orange, and so I usually wear Brights Power by OPI. But I wanted a brighter, in-your-face orange! So creamy and gorgeous, I think this was two coats? Didn't matter really because I put other stuff on top.

Then I placed scotch tape on half the nail on an angle. I used Black Onyx by OPI to fill in the part that was not taped off to get a cool angle on the nail. This picture shows the nail before I applied China Glaze and after. To tell the truth, I liked it before!

So then I used Ick-A-Bod-Y by China Glaze on the orange half. I was hoping for a more sheer glittery orange to go over Flit A Bit, so it could peek out a little, but I forgot about the sheer greenish black jelly base of Ick-A-Bod-Y!! Didn't come out the way I imagined but it still looks awesome!

Here is Brights Power by OPI with Cloud 9 by Sinful Colors over. Like I said earlier, Brights Power is pretty red-orange in color, so I tried Cloud 9 layered over it to brighten the orange and make it shimmer a little. If you couldn't guess, Cloud 9 is the bottle pictured. Sooo pretty! But kinda sheer! So great for layering! Then I used the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in black very thinly on the free edge of the nail. I didn't want a super thick line so it was nice to be able to control how much black showed up on the nail. Love this manicure! But some of my co-workers said the black line looked like dirt under my nails?! I think they're crazy. :)

Just some shots of the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen. See, kinda looks like a fine-point Sharpie. Oh well, worked like a charm, so that's good!

By the way! The Giants just won the first game of the series!!!! Whoo!! Tim Lincecum with a complete game, 2-hits, and 14 strikeouts?! Okay, maybe not Roy Halladay's no-hitter, but still impressive! Maybe I'm biased, but Tim Lincecum PWNED! YEAH boys!


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