Thursday, September 30, 2010

Various Nail Manicures

Hello again,

Time to show off some nails! These are random nail colors from a couple different brands. Enjoy!

Dry Martini by MAC
Holy schnikes this color is beautiful! It is a dirty green/olive with lots of brown cream. It's such a weird color and I'm sure most people think it looks like baby poop, but it looks so fall to me! It's so on trend with the whole military fad going on right now. This was three coats with top coat, and very easy to remove, no stains. Love it.

Mummy May I by China Glaze

This is from their Halloween collection called Awakening. As you can see, it's a black base with tons of tiny purple/hot pink glitter. I received instant compliments on this. I usually don't like glitter polishes, they remind me of being 12, but this is so vampy and mysterious. This was three coats with top coat, so once the top coat was on this was very smooth. I can't tell you how it removed though, I peeled it off. Oops. Lol anyway, I love this color!

Manicurist Of Seville by OPI

In the picture and in certain lighting, I love this crisp, raspberry cream color. However, in different types of lighting, namely florescent lighting, it looked like a dark, muddy, bruised raspberry. Not cute! I don't know how I feel about this color. At first it looked great and then it was all ruined because of terrible lighting. I think the other color from this collection, Conquistadorable Color, is more of that bright raspberry color. I'll try swatching them later. This was three coats with top coat, removed pretty nicely, no stains.

Who The Shrek Are You? by OPI

This is one of my favorite colors! Again, it's a weird color that most people would describe as pea soup throw-up, but I love the uniqueness of it. A lot of people recognized it right away as the Shrek nail polish and complimented me on it. It's a light green-yellow cream. A little streaky when applying it, but it removed just fine. This was three coats with top coat.


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